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Fun DIY Landscape Design Ideas
  1. String lights
    You’ve probably been to those cafes that have the whimsical string lights outside – they lend the perfect atmosphere to drinks with friends, dancing under the stars, and evening dining. What’s stopping you from having that in your own home?
  2. Build a floating deck for more outdoor activities
    Whether it’s to take up a sunrise (or sunset) yoga practice or to set a table and chairs up for more outdoor meals, a floating deck is a relatively easy day-long project that will spruce up the look and the functionality of your backyard. Lowe’s will get you started with their tutorial.
  3. Add umbrellas
    If you’ve got a pool, chic beach-resort style umbrellas immediately upgrade poolside activities. You can also create an artistic umbrella overhang as an alternative to an awning or shaded patio as seen in the streets of both Paris and Miami.
  4. Plant an herb or veggie garden
    What’s better than home-grown? Nothing, really! Plus, many herbs are actually insect repellants and smell amazing. The Urban Farmer has an excellent guide (free) for what to plant when, so you know exactly what seeds/buds to buy in order to be successfully in growing them!
  5. Build a Zen garden
    We love this idea for modern homes especially, as it plays right into the aura of the overall design. Keep in mind, beach sand doesn’t work – you need gravel. Whether you’re building it as a place to drink Japanese tea or simply using it a calm respite, this step-by-step guide makes it easy to DIY one in your own backyard.
  6. Create a planter party
    Cluster multiple planters of different sizes (and colors, if you have a colorful garden – otherwise we recommend sticking to multiple sizes of the same color) in one location (such as close to your new hammock or around your new floating deck), using multiple plant profiles to create a “spillage” or cascading effect. We recommend 3 or more at time. The best part about planters is that you can replace what’s inside at any time without any disruption to the rest of your garden.

  7. Hang a recycled wooden pallet as a planter
    Pick up a used pallet for free from your local hardware store and DIY this hanging planter for a super chic yet boho vibe – it will match perfectly with your café-chic string lights. What to plant? Herbs, of course – you’re steps away from a fresh meal made with homegrown herbs on your floating deck under your café lights! What a dream.
  8. Build a firepit for s’mores and ghost stories
    A weekly “camp” night in the comfort of your own backyard makes for excellent family bonding time (or perhaps a couple-hour respite from the kids if you’ve got one old enough to supervise activities ????). Home Depot’s quick tutorial makes it easy.
  9. Re-mulch
    Okay, so this may only be fun for you if gardening and landscaping is something you truly enjoy, but if it is, re-mulching will freshen up all your garden beds and make everything just a tad big brighter. While you’re at it, trim the edges of all beds for a super prim and clean look.
  10. Upgrade your walkways
    Whether it’s the path from your garage door to your dumpster, your driveway to your front door, or your back door to your garden, changing up your pathways is a relatively easy, low-cost project that will update your home’s exterior. You can purchase new pavers at your local store, or use these creative ideas instead:

    1. Wood rounds instead of stepping stones: just make sure they’re properly treated so that they don’t crack and cause splinters.
    2. Pavers and pebbles: concrete pavers spaced out by pebbles (try glow in the dark for extra wow-factor) and gravel create a touch of modern in any backyard.
    3. Weather-proof tile: guests will be amazed when you’ve got an extension of your indoors radiating out – just make sure they’re not slippery.
  11. Install a hammock with some shady trees
    Perfect for outdoor naps and lazy Sundays, a hammock adds a relaxed vibe to any space. Place one at the end of an upgraded walkway path and cluster some planters around it to create a world of its own.
  12. Build a garden teepee for your kids to play in
    Trust us, it’s much easier than a treehouse! Plus, you can string fruit vines and other plants along the edges, so it works double duty!
  13. Draw/write in moss:
    Draw or write something on any exposed brick or weather-proof walls with moss for true living art. Write a quote or use a large stencil to “paint” a moss solution on any brick (we recommend a geometric pattern or a family crest – super cool!). Instructions to DIY your own moss paint here.

We’d love to see what you DIY in your backyard!