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Top 10 Backyard Landscaping Tips & Ideas

Your backyard, especially on beautiful days, is likely the space for hours of relaxation, entertainment, and enjoyment – the best way to make it even more enjoyable is to design the perfect backyard landscaping that establishes absolute paradise right outside of your backdoor.


  1. Define the use of the backyard: it is family fun, with swing sets for the kids and kid- and pet-friendly plants coupled sprawling greens for playing sports? A pool party paradise? An outdoor entertainment center replete with dining areas, with easy access to the kitchen and grill, making considerations for the need to have access to the main house if necessary for plating? Or simply an aesthetically pleasing design that ties into the the home’s structure? Perhaps it’s a mix of a few of these?


  1. Determine views: what you want to hide, want you want to showcase, and the site line from each location at which your guests will be seated.


Site line: what you see (your site) from whatever location you stand. For example: you want to keep in mind what the site line is when you look directly outside your door, and what the site line would be from wherever you would be sitting – is there an existing site line you are working with, or are you going to create one with your hedging and planting, such as the site line created by the hedges that the white chairs on this lawn face?


Showcase: is there a pond, fountain, or herb/floral garden that you’d like the rest of the landscape to center around? Or perhaps a seating area for outdoor dining that you want set off by its own edging?


Hide or soften: are there foundational walls or paths that are weathered by the elements but don’t need functional replacement? Plants make an excellent disguise for unsightly walls, but they also soften hard lines without sacrificing modernity, such as the growth on the concrete walls in this modern backyard.


  1. Layer: no matter what style you’re going for (bountiful floral gardens or modern greenery), layering different heights side-by-side will give you the lush growth that adds depth to your property.


Soft varieties of greens give pathways a peaceful aesthetic – and layered heights feed into the depths of steps in pathways like these.


  1. When in doubt, go green (especially in modern homes): you cannot go wrong with simply layering different textures of greens – especially in modern architecture.


Varieties of textures and heights of greens accent this modern concrete and gravel pathway, creating what feels like a modern rainforest oasis.

For a simple solution with minimal soil maintenance, easy-growing trees and mulched beds with well-placed bushes lend modern greenery to the clean lines in a home or office building.


  1. Repeat: recurring elements throughout the property create a unity and rhythm that moves you (and your guests) through the property. Often, this best takes the form of a specific colored flower or plant throughout the property, such as the purples in this front lawn that will reappear in the backyard.


  1. Accent with annuals: use annuals and accents around seating areas, such as edging on pool/lounge decks or showcasing garden seating, and couple with stone around fountains and ponds for exuberant emphasis.


  1. Create walls with greenery: hedging, dense trees, and tall shrubs provide privacy and/or the ambiance of truly being in a retreat, such as the tall greenery at the edge of this pool – whether it’s dividing your backyard from your neighbor or simply the tennis court on the other side, greens make a lush solution to the hard lines of a fence or wall.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of grass: seriously, the good grass makes a difference – just look at this gorgeous sprawling field and this supple yard.


  1. Use edging to make spaces: define paths with different sections of plants and/or styles – such as this organized row of low bushes that break the seating area away from the pool in this backyard.


  1. Plant a small herb/produce garden where you will host your outdoor dining: nothing will impress your guests more than consuming a meal that’s literally fresh from the garden!

Seem overwhelming? There are literally thousands of plants to choose from and seemingly endless array of options for backyard layout – especially if your backyard is on the larger end of the scale! Leave it to us at Creative Design to help create the backyard of your dreams.