Project Description

Bluestone patios are one of the more sought after features of homes in the Hamptons. These elegant looking patios are often built with neatly sawn rectangles. Others may seek a rustic or natural landscape design with the look of a more natural “snapped” or “broken” bluestone. Laying these stones so they sustain a long-lasting stable balance per the original design requires several steps that should be managed by a masonry expert.

Once the shape of the patio is designed, Creative Design Landscape will build a real-life mock-up by way of laying the stone in what should appear as its final position. This step is somewhat like putting together a rock puzzle. Once the masonry expert is satisfied with the precision of the layout, the stones are marked and removed respectively. The next several steps involve engineering a foundation that is stable and will also drain as significant amounts of rainwater will seep through the ground over the many years of this structures existence. If the foundation is not correctly set, the stones will shift and drop causing for major flaws in the aesthetic or integrity of the structure. Once the foundation is set, which will take at least 24 hrs, the bluestone can be laid. All in all, this process can take 3-4 days depending on the size and dynamic of the patio.