Creative Design Landscapes will design, build, and maintain your dream garden, whether its purpose is beauty, functionality, or a bit of both.

We’ve done it all:

  • Are you looking to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing space for you, your family, and houseguests?
  • Are you wanting the aroma of fresh, fragrant flowers to tickle your nose whenever you step outside?
  • Have you always dreamed of picking fresh, organic herbs and produce from your own garden?
  • Have you always wished to have a rose garden straight out of a fairytale storybook of your own?
  • Would you like to keep it fuss-free and simple, and simply add a pop of color to your landscape design?
  • Do you dream of defined edges, flowerbeds in perfect alignment, and specific color schemes adorning your landscape, but don’t even know where to start?
  • Do you want a garden that will make your neighbors ask how did you do it?

Whatever it is that you desire in your garden, Creative Design Landscapes has a combined 18 years of experience in tailoring garden designs, implementing them to full fruition, and maintaining them for years to come.
We know that a garden isn’t only its flowers – it is a holistic ecosystem. We combine our knowledge of plant biology with the pride we take in artistic design and maintenance of these living biomes to create a garden solution that we’re sure you and your family will love. \

We know what plants need to flourish, such as certain types of soil, levels of light, water, and more – let us take care of how your garden works while you enjoy the benefits.

Our Garden Care Includes:

  • Annual and container plantings: containers or blooms and plants lend a cost-effective transformative view of outdoor spaces, whether at your front door, on your back deck, balcony, or dispersed throughout your garden.
  • Perennial garden maintenance: we clean out the weeds, stray leaves, and dying or dead plants to make space for nascent buds to grow, trim to encourage continued growth and proper shaping, maintain fertilization at proper levels for optimal performance, mulch when necessary for weather-proofing, and ensure no pests or insects are making their way into your beautiful floral beds.
  • Edging, mulching and weeding of planting beds: edging and mulching of planting beds sets the stage for your florals and plants to shine. Deep lines in edging define the plant “stage” as we remove any unfavorable and potentially problematic weeds. Then, mulch is distributed evenly for a perfectly polished finish.

Whether big or small, intricately designed or planned simply for ease of maintenance, Creative Design Landscapes will curate the garden that will best suit your vision, budget, and space requirements.