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Sprinklers watering gardenOnce you’ve spent time and money landscaping, it’s a given that you’ll to want to continue to invest in maintaining your property. Part of maintenance involves efficient irrigation and drainage systems. As one of Long Island’s premiere irrigation companies, Creative Design Landscapes will custom design a system exactly right for your landscaping needs, whether that involves revising your existing irrigation and drainage system to correct problems or creating a new system altogether. We specialize in Southampton irrigation solutions and Long Island sprinkler installation.
Our team uses the highest quality technology and products, to help you both reduce water consumption (and therefore costs) without skimping on maintaining the health of your landscape. We ensure that your lawn and garden sprinkler systems are properly designed, installed, maintained, and managed. Whether you have an brand-new irrigation and drainage project in mind or want to adapt an existing system to better suit your landscaping needs, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Throughout the process of installing your Long Island lawn and irrigation system we will consult with you consistently, ensuring that you’re informed and have the opportunity to ask any questions or express concerns. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. To that end, our employees are always professional, pleasant, and highly trained in all aspects of the business.
There’s a reason we have so many repeat customers.

We provide the following services:


  • Understand customer vision
  • Site analysis
  • Product recommendations
  • Layout and system requirements
  • Review plan with customer
  • Approval


  • Confirm location of gas, power, cable lines
  • Stake and trench
  • Water, valve, piping hookups
  • System flush, sprinkler hookups
  • Wiring and testing
  • Landscape


  • Customized irrigation scheduling
  • Regular monitoring
  • Periodic controller adjustments
  • Scheduled maintenance and adjustments
  • Customer-service feedback


  • Winterization and return to normal schedule
  • Check/clean sprinkler heads
  • Check/adjust controller
  • Inspect valve covers and boxes
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Test back-flow prevention devices

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