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Landscape Lighting

Back yard patio lighting designOnce you have a beautifully landscaped Hamptons property, you undoubtedly want to show it off. Whether you have a pool, patio, garden, or water feature, what better way to emphasize it than with landscape lighting? It adds curb appeal and increases property value. Additionally, good landscape light helps make a property safer. Creative Design Landscapes will design, install, and/or repair your Hamptons landscaping lighting as needed.

The first step is to design a Hamptons landscape lighting system that suits your needs. We will meet with you and discuss your specific requirements, then create a design that you will have the opportunity to review before we finalize it and begin installation. Our technicians will work with you to design a system that fits seamlessly into your existing landscaping.

Installation involves putting in place the system, using durable, high quality materials that will not only complement your landscaping but also stand the test of time. You can be assured that our installation won’t interfere with your existing landscaping and will be so low profile that only the parts of the landscape lighting that you specifically want to be visible will be noticeable by visitors. After installation is complete, we’ll walk with you through the breadth of the system, adjusting lamp beams as needed so they’re targeting the areas of your property you want to highlight.

Finally, once your Hamptons landscape lighting is in place, our crews will maintain it for you so it always provides peak performance over the years. This will include a yearly review of wiring and transformers and may include lightly trimming plants if they’re infringing upon the lighting’s full effect. Again, we will never infringe upon the existing landscaping and will always consult with you before taking such steps. If repairs are necessary, including replacing wiring, transformers, bulbs, or lamps, we will quickly take care of them.

Creative Design Landscapes has the most experienced, professional Hamptons landscape lighting team on the market. Don’t hesitate to call us with your questions and to schedule and appointment to discuss specific project needs.

We look forward to working with you!

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