The best basic lawn care tip we can give? Call Creative Design Landscapes and let us handle everything! Expertise, experience, and specialization designed to meet your property’s needs will ensure that your entire grounds are perfected to your liking.

Our lawn care staff know how a well-maintained landscape design can transform a property, and take pride in the professionalism they devote to each and every individual we serve.

We offer lawn and yard care solutions as small and simple mowing and maintenance and as large and comprehensive as complete renovation and design.

Creative Design Landscapes Offers:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Lawn fertilization programs: Hybrid & ORGANIC
  • Artful pruning of hedges, shrubs, and small trees
  • Lawn renovation
  • Seasonal clean-ups
  • Waterfall and pond cleaning
  • Irrigation inspection and maintenance
  • Deep root fertilization

Lawn mowing: whether it’s weekly maintenance, monthly clean up, or on an as-needed basis, we’re here to make your lawn velvety and verdant; a perfectly manicured lawn is the epitome of understated elegance.
Lawn fertilization programs: we understand the value that hybrid solutions can bring, in addition to the importance of organic options. Every homeowner has preferences regarding what they prefer – so we offer options for everyone.

Pruning: artful pruning of hedges, shrubs, and small trees add an element of artistry to your foliage. Whether you’re seeking perfectly edged hedges for privacy or spiraling artistic designs, Creative Design will ensure you vision is achieved.

Lawn renovation: leave it all up to us – we offer complete design of your dream lawn and yard coupled with implementation and follow through, so all you need to do is let us know what style or effect you’re aiming to achieve – we’ll handle the rest!

Seasonal clean-ups: we love when the seasons change and the flowers and plants bloom, but nobody really loves cleaning up the mess that the previous season has left behind. Let us take the burden off of you so you can enjoy your yard year-round, without worrying about the maintenance that comes with transitioning seasons.

Waterfall and pond cleaning: we’re not just about plants! Waterfalls and ponds are an integral part of many homeowners’ grounds, and our comprehensive yard care solutions wouldn’t be complete without cleaning and managing the water elements of your home.

Irrigation inspection and maintenance: we check your sprinklers and irrigation to ensure that you’re not wasting water needlessly, there are no broken or splitting pieces, that plants in need of water are getting the hydration they need, and much more.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your irrigation systems prior to the Spring season and winding down from Summer as you enter cooler months – you don’t need to worry about determining the optimal watering time or setting schedules, because we’ve got your grounds covered.

Deep root fertilization: to ensure your trees are healthy for decades to come, it’s recommended that mature trees received a deep root fertilization every 3-5 years. If you’re noticing your trees are lacking their luster in recent years, give us a call – it’s like Botox, for your trees!