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Small Garden Patio Ideas

Having a small outdoor space such as a patio garden can still let you create an enjoyable outdoor oasis with creativity and some space-saving landscape design ideas. Whether you want a retreat for relaxing, reading, or having coffee with a friend, or maybe you plan on hosting intimate dinners on a small patio. In order to make the most of your outdoor space, you need to start with a vision of what function you want the area to fulfill. Once you know how you want your outdoor garden to feel, you can pull together the pieces that work best with the space you have. All gardens should start with plants, so here are some tips to help you find the best planting ideas for small spaces.

Container Plants

If you do not have much green space to work with, you might want to use container plants for your outdoor garden patio. Container plants are easy to manage and care for, and the containers themselves can serve as décor pieces. Container gardens also make it easy to move them around and change the look depending on your mood or how you want to use the space.


Border Plants

Do you want to plant a border around your patio? Using foliage as a border allows you to define your patio space while adding greenery and color to suit your taste. Plants that do well as borders include:

  1. Tri-color sage—good for drier and sandy soil and likes full sunlight. Tri-color sage gives a splash of color year-round, and in the spring and summer, the lavender blooms will attract butterflies to your patio.
  2. Moss Phlox—a hardy and low maintenance plant that is drought tolerant makes a lovely border that does not require much work. It generally blooms in April and May and does well in full sun while tolerating sandy and rocky soil.
  3. Sweet Alyssum—known for its fragrant blooms, this plant thrives in many climates and is drought tolerant. It thrives best in full sun, except in scorching sun. In the hot sun, planting in partial shade will allow you to enjoy the fragrance and beauty of this border plant.
  4. Create a gorgeous border using herbs —combine thyme, oregano, English lavender, and sage to make a border with visual interest and a practical function of having fresh herbs on hand. Herbs have an added advantage of suppressing weeds, making your border easy to maintain.
  5. Consider a water feature to add interest and serenity to your space. You can find water features that will fit almost any sized garden patio area, so find the one that works best with the space and vibe you want to create. Flowing water is beautiful and relaxing and can also attract birds, wildlife, and hummingbirds to your patio.
  6. Add a fire pit or chiminea for cool evenings and to extend the amount of time you can use your outdoor living space. There is little that is more relaxing than a crackling fire on a cool evening. Fire adds a natural gathering spot for gathering around, and invites you to enjoy cool autumn days outside.


Ambiance & Landscape Lighting


Now that you have made your decisions about plants and borders, you can move on to creating the ambiance of your outdoor living space. The next step in creating your space is to pick out the furniture you want to use to entertain or enjoy your patio. It is important to choose the most comfortable furnishings for your outdoor space. Even on a small patio, you want to consider adding a table for outdoor dining and chairs that invite you to put your feet up and stay awhile, or curl up with a good book.

To complete your look, use landscape lighting to illuminate the masterpiece you have created. Solar lights come in many styles and shapes and will reduce any worry about electrical malfunctions. Use soft illumination around the edges of your patio to define the space and add additional lighting for the table and around the chairs. You can choose the romantic look of string lights, the elegance of coach lamps, or any combination that suits your needs.