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Pest Control

The summer months in the Hamptons are a wonder to behold. From the weather to the pristine beaches, there’s a reason so many people flock to this corner of the world. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the Hamptons are also home to a wide variety of wildlife including thousands of beautiful white-tail deer. These animals are wonderful, delicate creatures. However, they have a hearty appetite and are capable of destroying your entire landscape and/or garden. Additionally, deer carry ticks that can transmit dangerous diseases such as Lyme. Mitigating these risks to property damage, not to mention to your well-being, is a significant matter and therefore tick and mosquito control should be taken seriously. For outdoor pest control in the Hamptons, don’t look any further than the experienced professionals at Creative Design Landscape.

Creative Design Landscape uses effective environmentally safe, organic treatments to deter, repel, and control outdoor pests such as deer, ticks, and mosquitoes. We know that outdoor pests affect not only your landscape but you and your loved ones and, as such, we take pest control on your Hamptons property seriously. When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll meet with you and thoroughly survey your property to determine the risk of specific types of pests. We’ll develop a plan to control any ticks you’re currently dealing with on your Southampton, NY, property, along with addressing other potential pest issues. Then we’ll implement that plan and monitor to ensure the problem is resolved. After eliminating any current problems, our goal will be prevention, to stop the issue from reoccurring again when the seasons change and different types of pests emerge.

Our Pest Control Includes:

  • Organic tick and mosquito control
  • Deer repellent

Our Hamptons pest control plan is tailored specifically to each customer’s specific property and needs. We have the most experienced crew on the market. Our many positive reviews attest to our customers’ satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to call us for an estimate today to assess your property and have a plan mapped out to address pest issues in a safe, efficient, cost-effective manner that will benefit both you and your loved ones and the beautiful landscape you’re seeking to protect from specific kinds of wild critters.

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